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We are proud high school sweethearts who have grown up together, traveled the world, and lived in three different states. We have been blessed with a loving and adventurous marriage. Now settled down in Iowa, we are longing to start our family after 6 difficult years of infertility. We are prayerfully waiting for God to bring us an adoptive child to complete our family!

Hills in the Heartland

Iowa is a great place to raise a family. We are situated in a safe community with excellent schools, and our house is very close to beautiful walking trails and a prairie style park. Our family is also blessed with owning gentle rolling land in southern Iowa. We spend a lot of weekends there enjoying nature. It is such a welcoming place for a child to run free and create adventures!

Labradoodle Seeking Playmate

Cooper, our lovable Labradoodle, has a big heart and gentle manners. He loves kids and enjoys going for walks, playing with toys, and cuddly naps. This past summer we learned Cooper has very natural protective instincts as he watched over our niece and nephew while they lived with us for three months. He's never bit anyone or anything, except for stuffed animals (his favorite).

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