Our Faith

Everlasting Hope

Battling infertility for 6 years has not been easy. But our faith has provided us with so much comfort and an unshakable confidence that we will have a family of our own. We have felt God calling us to seek our child through adoption. We are anxious and excited, hoping to add several children to our family in the years to come. 

Saved by Grace

We are thankful for a loving God who sent his son as a sacrifice for our sins even though we didn't deserve it. This critical element of our faith teaches us to show love as Jesus has loved us. While we are not perfect people, we seek to be a positive influence to those around us and help in any way we can.

Adopted by God

God's saving Grace allows us to be adopted into His eternal family. While we have the hope of eternal joy in Heaven, life on Earth can be very difficult and painful. As a result, we know there are many pregnant women who find themselves faced with the hard decision of whether or not to keep their baby. It would bring us much joy to know that we were able to help someone in need by bringing their child into our home to be cared for and loved. We see adoption as a beautiful act of love and kindness which mirrors the grace and love God showed all of us.