Luke & Melissa

Mark and Heidi are one of the most authentic couples you will ever meet. Recently, our family had the unique opportunity of living with them for three months. They not only opened their home without reservation, they opened their hearts to our young children, displaying natural parenting instinct and taking joy in the chaos. We wholeheartedly believe they are spiritually, emotionally and financially prepared to welcome a child into their heart and home.   

Kieth & Jeanette

Heidi and Mark have a wonderful marriage and they love each other deeply. They love God, children, and children love them. Heidi and Mark will be wonderful godly parents, and will be able to provide a stable home filled with love, learning, lots of fun, and faith in God. They have prayed for the blessing of having children, and any child would truly be blessed to have Heidi and Mark as their mom and dad.  

Moza & Lauren

We wholeheartedly recommend Mark and Heidi as the most loving and supportive adoptive parents one could ever entrust a precious little one to! In the ten years we have known them we have been continually blessed by their patience, kindness, generosity and faithfulness! Whenever we've been in need, Mark and Heidi have been our unwavering supporters. I know this is a family anyone would want to be welcomed into! 

Chris & Sarah

We have known Mark and Heidi for ten years and during that time we watched them remain faithful to God during their journey to start a family. As parents with four kids, Mark and Heidi are one of the few couples we completely trust caring for our children. We have watched the way they interact with our kids and know without a doubt that they will love and care for their own children. They both have so much love in their hearts.

Kevin & Laurie

As Mark’s mother I’ve witnessed the years of pain and disappointment as Mark and Heidi have struggled through their infertility issues. Throughout the tears and prayers, hope was never abandoned by either one of them as they know God has a plan to bless them with a family. This shared pain has strengthened their bonds of marriage and they are now ready to embark on this new journey God has laid before them.  

Thomas & Emily

Mark and Heidi are a beautiful example of a young married couple. Their passion for life along with their love for each other is beyond compare. We have often talked with them about having children and we agree that there is no greater gift. Mark and Heidi will be excellent providers as well as role models to their future children. Any child would truly be blessed to have them as parents.